VPN - Azure to AWS tunnel

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Inter-cloud VPN - Azure to AWS tunnel using managed services

The point when connecting Azure and AWS was that AWS only supported IKEv1, it became possible to realize two-way connection by supporting IKEv2. However, there are notes BGP can not be used (it may be possible depending on settings).


The procedure

Azure side

  1. Create virtual network
  2. Create gateway subnet
  3. creation of public IP
  4. Create virtual network gateway

AWS side

  1. creation of VPC
  2. Create subnet
  3. Create Internet gateway (optional)
  4. create the customer gateway statically
  5. Creating Virtual Private Gateway
  6. create a VPN connection statically
  7. download the configuration file

Azure side

  1. Create a local network gateway
  2. Create connection

AWS side

  1. add a virtual private gateway to the routing table option

Azure side

  1. Setting up two connections