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Package manager

from App::cpanminus is a script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN. It's dependency free (can bootstrap itself) and requires zero configuration
from CPAN has been distributed with Perl since 1997 (5.004). It has many more options than cpanm, it is also much more verbose.
from CPANPLUS had been distributed with Perl since 5.10 (2007) until 5.20 (2014). This offers even more options than cpanm or cpan and can be installed just like cpanminus.

$ sudo apt-get install make  #it's prerequisite
$ cpan App::cpanminus        #initialize package manager
& sudo apt install cpanminus #(optional) via apt package manager
$ cpan local::lib            #enables to install modules without requiring root or administrator access
$ cpanm <Module>::<Name>     #use sudo (most cases) if you don't use local libs

Common packages

You can search available packages in cpan repository.

# Install common packages
cpan Task::Kensho #recommended modules
cpan XML::Smart
cpan XML::RSS
cpan Date::Parse
cpan POSIX