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sudo apt-get install autojump
cat /usr/share/doc/autojump/README.Debian

Autojump for Debian

To use autojump, you need to configure you shell to source
/usr/share/autojump/ on startup.

If you use Bash, add the following line to your ~/.bashrc (for non-login
interactive shells) and your ~/.bash_profile (for login shells):
. /usr/share/autojump/

If you use Zsh, add the following line to your ~/.zshrc (for all interactive shells):
. /usr/share/autojump/

# Usage
j -s # display statistics

j foo      # Jump To A Directory That Contains foo. It takes multiple arguments to do fuzzy search
jc bar     # jump to a child directory (sub-directory of current directory) rather than typing out the full name
jo music   # Open File Manager To Directories (instead of jumping)
jco images # Opening a file manager to a child directory is also supported