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Flux v2

Flux v2 architecture


Flux v2 - Webhooks and notifications



Install Flux v2 flux command line

Note: fluxctl is a previous version Flux v1 command line tool.

curl -s | sudo bash

# enable completions in ~/.bash_profile
. <(flux completion bash)

# TODO: Via release binaries

# Pre check
flux check --pre
► checking prerequisites
✔ kubectl 1.18.6 >=1.18.0-0
✔ Kubernetes 1.18.9 >=1.16.0-0
✔ prerequisites checks passed

Cluster bootstrap

flux bootstrap git \
  --author-email=$FLUX_GIT_EMAIL \
  --url=ssh://$FLUX_GIT_USERNAME/gitops-istio \
  --branch=main \

At bootstrap, Flux generates an SSH key and prints the public key. In order to sync your cluster state with git you need to copy the public key and create a deploy key with write access on your GitHub repository. On GitHub go to Settings > Deploy keys click on Add deploy key, check Allow write access, paste the Flux public key and click Add key.