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Set a forwarding and keep a copy

gam user forward on keep
User:, Forward Enabled: True, Forwarding Address:, Action: leaveInInbox (1/1)

gam user show forwardingaddress
User:, Forwarding Addresses: (1/1)
  Forwarding Address:, Verification Status: accepted (1/1)

Move users between OUs

gam update org "New Starters" add users
gam update org "New Starters" add file MoveUsersToNewStarterOU.txt

Show backup codes

gam user show backupcodes

Generate new backup codes

gam user update backupcodes

Reset Password

gam update user password Test1234$

Create User

gam create firstname Piotr lastname Peter password Test1234$
gam csv GoogleAccounts.csv gam create user ~"Email Address" firstname ~"First Name" lastname ~"Last Name" password Test1234$