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You will find here probably a lot of messy and partial information about administration of DRAC (Dell Remote Control Card) version 5. I hope this will be improved over time.

Terminal SSH access

In case your DRAC5 web interface does not allow you mount *.iso or Virtual Flash, the best solution is to reset DRAC5 controller using following command:

 racadm racreset 

Long way of achieving the above

login as: root
root@'s password:

Dell Remote Access Controller 5 (DRAC 5)
Firmware Version 1.65 (Build 12.08.16)
Type "racadm help" to get racadm subcommands. Type "smclp" to invoke SMCLP interface.

$ racadm help

 help [subcommand] -- display usage summary for a subcommand
 arp             -- display the networking ARP table
 clearasrscreen  -- clear the last ASR (crash) screen
 clrraclog       -- clear the RAC log
 clrsel          -- clear the System Event Log (SEL)
 config          -- modify RAC configuration properties
 coredump        -- display the last RAC coredump
 coredumpdelete  -- delete the last RAC coredump
 fwupdate        -- update the RAC firmware
 getconfig       -- display RAC configuration properties
 getniccfg       -- display current network settings
 getraclog       -- display the RAC log
 getractime      -- display the current RAC time
 getsel          -- display records from the System Event Log (SEL)
 getssninfo      -- display session information
 getsvctag       -- display service tag information
 getsysinfo      -- display general RAC and system information
 gettracelog     -- display the RAC diagnostic trace log
 ifconfig        -- display network interface information
 netstat         -- display routing table and network statistics
 ping            -- send ICMP echo packets on the network
 racdump         -- display RAC diagnostic information
 racreset        -- perform a RAC reset operation
 racresetcfg     -- restore the RAC configuration to factory defaults
 serveraction    -- perform system power management operations
 setniccfg       -- modify network configuration properties
 sslcertview     -- view SSL certificate information
 sslcsrgen       -- generate a certificate CSR from the RAC
 sslresetcfg     -- generate a new self-signed certificate
 testemail       -- test RAC e-mail notifications
 testtrap        -- test RAC SNMP trap notifications
 version         -- display the version info of RACADM
 vmdisconnect    -- disconnect virtual media connections
 vmkey           -- perform virtual media key operations
 usercertview    -- view user certificate information

$ racadm racreset 
RAC reset operation initiated successfully. It may take up to a minute
for the RAC to come back online again.
Power action
$ racadm serveraction powerup
$ racadm help serveraction
serveraction -- perform system power management operations


racadm serveraction <action>

action    server power management operation to peform

Valid actions:

powerdown       - power server off
powerup         - power server on
powercycle      - perform server power cycle
hardreset       - force hard server power reset
powerstatus     - display current power status of server