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This article is about cloning physical 'laptop' disks, when migrating from hdd to ssd, smaller or bigger sizes.

Windows 10 smaller SSD to bigger SSD

Windows 10 usually has a number of partitions. The disk in Disk Management is a 'Basic Disk' with following partitions(descriptions from Windows Disk Management console):

  • 500M - EFI System Partition
  • 40M - OEM Partition
  • 500M - Windows Reserved Partition
  • 200G - OS C:\, with flags: Boot, Page File, Crush Dump, Primary Partition
  • 350M - Primary Partition
  • 29.3G - PBR Image, Primary Partition
250G disk
|500M EFI|40M Oem|500M reserved| ~200 OS C:\                | 350M | 29.3G PBR Image |

This 250G disk has been cloned to 500G using Clonezilla disk-local to disk-local all default options.

Then boot into Gparted and verify that bigger disk. GParted should ask you to fix disk partition tables to see all available space. After the fix you should find extra ~200G unallocated space.

500G disk
|500M EFI|40M Oem|500M reserved| ~200 OS C:\                | 350M | 29.3G PBR Image | ~200  unallocated |

and literally copy PBR Image and 350M partitions to the end of the disk. Note don't try convert 500G disk to dynamic disk this has failed. Login to Windows and simply extend OS C:\ partition with adjacent unallocated space. Remove drive letters from 350M and PBR Image system partitions.