Cisco UCS - Unified Computing System

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Useful show commands

Show all WWNs, use with include or grep combination

show identity wwn
show server adapter identity

Install Cisco UCS PowerTool Powershell module

  1. Download from Cisco and install on your local machine
  2. Open CMD, then type powershell and new commands should be available
  3. Firstly launch the UCS PowerTool and Connect to the UCS system
    PS C:\> Connect-Ucs
  4. Enter your fabric interconnect IP address hitting the return key and then on windows prompt input your UCS-local-credentials
  5. Once you have connected enter the following cmd to bring up a list of all the blades (service profiles) and their associated vHBA WWN’s:
    C:\> Get-UcsServiceProfile -type instance | Get-UcsVhba | Select Dn,Addr,NodeAddr

Other commands are available as well.