Cisco DNS configuration

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Check current DNS servers

To list the current list of DNS servers used by the router issue show ip dns view command. Please see below that Domain name-servers: section has been populated automatically by ISP (BTBusiness ADSL). Public IP is static but dns servers have been requested by ppp ipcp dns request command within interface Dialer0 section. Also the router acts as DNS server having ip dns server statement within its config.

show ip dns view
DNS View default parameters:
Logging is off
DNS Resolver settings:
  Domain lookup is enabled
  Default domain name: aaa.geteway
  Domain search list:
  Lookup timeout: 3 seconds
  Lookup retries: 2
  Domain name-servers:
DNS Server settings:
  Forwarding of queries is enabled
  Forwarder timeout: 3 seconds
  Forwarder retries: 2
  Forwarder addresses: