Apache JMeter

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Run Jmeter in Non-GUI mode

jmeter -n -t YourJmeterTestPlan.jmx -l TestResultFile.jtl  -j LogFile.log


  • -n – Non-GUI mode – This specifies JMeter is to run in non-gui mode
  • -t – Name of JMX file that contains Test Plan
  • -l – Name of JTL file to capture results to
  • -j – Name of Log file to capture execution logs

After running this command, Jmeter instance will be initiated which will execute the JMX file mentioned after -t. Post execution it will create the Test result file with .jtl format. If a result file with same name already exist, it will be appended with new one.

Full list of command line options

jmeter -?

hey (new name for ab)

hey is compatibile with curl syntax.

hey -n 5 -c 5 -q 10 -H "Content-Type: application/json" -m POST -d '{"data": ["please keep the appt", ""]}' $URL
# | -n number of requests, default 200
# | -c number of workers; concurrent requests, default 50
# | -q rate limiting, default no limit
# | -H header, can use multiple -H
# | -m http method
# | -d data in the body