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SNS Simple Notification System

It's HA, durable, secure, fully managed pub/sub messaging system.


The same message can be consumed by multiple subscribers.

Using message filters we can based on a field(s) in a message send specific message to the specific subscriber.

Durability, after a number of retries messages will get discarded.

SQS Simple Queuing System

Managed message queuing system


Queues available:

  • Standard
    • Order is not guaranteed, messages can be delivered more than once, almost unlimited processing per second
  • FIFO (First-IN-Firs-OUT)
    • Order is preserved, deduplication process avoids duplicated message deliveries, processing 300ps or 3k using batch
  • DLQ Dead Letter Queue


  • can convert synchronous patterns to asynchronous
  • Unlike SNS, one message cannot have multiple consumers. Once message is processed by consumer it gets deleted from the queue.

SES Simple Email System

Handling Bounces and Complaints

When you uses SES Simple Email System from AWS you need to manage:

  • bounce backs
  • complaints

this is required by Amazon to protect your reputation, so Amazon IP /or your domain won't get blacklisted.

Amazon SES assigns a unique message ID to each email that you successfully submit to send. When Amazon SES receives a bounce or complaint message from an ISP, we forward the feedback message to you. The format of bounce and complaint messages varies between ISPs, but Amazon SES interprets these messages and, if you choose to set up Amazon SNS topics for them, categorizes them into JSON objects. Read more link you find in #References section.