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Fciv - integration check

The script assumes the md5 hash value is contained in a .md5 file and the naming convention appears as so:

 for /f %%f in ('dir "*.md5" /s/b') do (
 	set file=%%f
 	for /f %%a in ('type "!file!"') do (
 		set md5=%%a
 		set md5=!md5:"=!
 		set file=!file:~,-4!
 		for /f "skip=3" %%b in ('fciv "!file!"') do (
 			if [!md5!]==[%%b] (
 				echo PASS: !file!
 				echo MD5: !md5! vs. %%b
 			) else (
 				echo !!! FAIL: !file!
 				echo MD5: !md5! vs. %%b


The else needs to be on the same "line" as the if. From IF /? 'The ELSE clause must occur on the same line as the command after the IF.'
if "zz"=="TRUE" (
    copy /a zz + /a ee=/a zz
) else (
    copy /a e + /a %TMP%=/a e
Environment variables in batch files are expanded when a line is parsed.

In the case of blocks delimited by parentheses (as your if defined) the whole block counts as a "line" or command and it is read once. This means that all occurrences of %FOO% are replaced by their values before the block is run. Therefore %FOO% will be replaced by nothing as it was not set.

To solve this you can enable delayed expansion:

setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

Delayed expansion causes variables delimited by exclamation marks (!) to be evaluated on execution instead of parsing which will ensure the correct behavior in our case:

if not defined BAR (
    set FOO=1
    echo Foo: !FOO!

Text manipulation

  • color 0a - changes text to green
  • mode con: cols=80 lines=50 - changes cmd.exe window, no scroll available, type mode to display the current settings