Routing matrix

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Standard RFC 1058
Cisco proprietary protocol Cisco proprietary protocol

Interior / exterior Interior Interior Interior Interior Interior Interior Exterior
Type Distance vector Distance vector Distance vector Hybrid Link-state Link-state Path Vector
Default metric Hop-count Hop-count Bandwidth/delay Bandwidth/delay Cost
Cost Multiple attributes
Administrative distance 120 120 100 90 internal
170 external
110 115 20 external
200 internal
Hop-count limit 15
16th net_unreachable
15 255 (100 default) 224 (100 default) None None EBGP Neighbors: 1 (default)
IBGP Neighbors: none
Convergence slow slow slow very fast fast fast average
Update timers
30 sec 30 sec 90 sec Triggered updates only when change occurs Only when change occur; LSA table is refreshed every 30 min Only when changes occur Only when changes occur
Updates full table full table full table only changes only changes, bounded updates only changes only changes
Classless No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports VLSM No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Algorithm Bellman-Ford Bellman-Ford Bellman-Ford DUAL aka Diffusing Update Algorithm Dijkstra Dijkstra Best Path Algorithm
Update address Broadcast or broadcast All SPF Routers DR's and BDR's
.5 DST MAC 01005E000005
.6 DST MAC 01005E000006

IPv4 protocol and port UDP 520
IP Protocol 9 IP Protocol 88 IP Protocol 89
TCP 179
Authentication No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi network layer

IP, IPX, AppleTalk

Default route propagation cli default-information originate default-information originate 4 redistribute static 6 7 8
Hello interval 2 3 4 5s T1, Ethernet
60s NBMA
10s on Multiaccess networks and PointToPoint networks
30s - NBMA eg. Frame Relay
7 8
Hold time 180s by default 180s by default 4 3x hello time
15s T1, Ethernet
180s NBMA
6 7 8