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Peerlink - unsupported configurations

Peerlinks are not transitive - use Transit Gateway for this. The reason seems to be historical, that Peerlink connections allow you to link overlapping CIDR ranges eg.

  • VPC-A
  • VPC-B
  • VPC-C

Allow you peerlink VPC-B <--> VPC-A <--> VPC-C. Of course VPC-B does not have direct connection to VPC-C.

Edge to Edge Routing Through a Gateway or Private Connection

If either VPC in a peering relationship has one of the following connections, you cannot extend the peering relationship to that connection:

  • A VPN connection or an AWS Direct Connect connection to a corporate network
  • An internet connection through an internet gateway
  • An internet connection in a private subnet through a NAT device
  • A VPC endpoint to an AWS service; for example, an endpoint to Amazon S3.

Edge to Edge Routing Through a VPN Connection or an AWS Direct Connect Connection


Edge to Edge Routing Through an InternetGateway